For almost 200 years, our church has worked with other community organizations and partnered with sister churches in Halifax as well as city agencies in collaborative efforts to address poverty, education gaps, violence, and social injustice.

The New Horizons building is over 120 years old. It has not had any significant work since the upper hall was renovated in the 1980s. In 2005 the lower hall was remodeled for Sunday School space on the television show “Divine Restoration”. The ministries of the church continue to compete for space in the limited facilities. With a burgeoning youth group, Sunday School, and children’s choir, along with the various lay groups meeting in the church, more space is needed. Accessible bathrooms, modern kitchen facilities, a technology infrastructure, and easy access from the street are all a part of the building project.

Additionally, the non-profit society of New Horizons is the Richard Preston Centre for Excellence, which needs its own space for community initiatives and outreach.

This all comes at a cost which will yield high rewards for our future. The project costs have escalated to $3.2M and we have a GoFundMe Campaign set up to raise funds for the new renovations and expansion. When we initially launched to campaign, the first cost estimate on the project was $1.4M, but due to unexpected problems with the building, the price tag has increased to $3.2M.

We have launched a GoFundMe for our $3.2M renovation/expansion. We are ASKING YOU TO HELP SAVE THIS HISTORIC CHURCH THAT HAS SERVED COMMUNITY FOR Over 189 YEARS.

Renovation/Building Updates on Our Progress:

November 16, 2021

The siding on the extension and re-siding of the original building is complete! We have new contractors (rcs Construction). We hope to have the exterior complete before the snow flies.

April 25, 2020

Progress is continuing, the windows and insulation are installed. The roof is complete. 

March 13, 2020

There have been several unforeseen challenges with this century plus-year-old building, but the progress continues!

January 8, 2020:

The expansion continues to unfold!

November 18, 2019:  

There was an environmental hazard delay but we are making progress. The framing of the extension is up!

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